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How Local Business Can Use Social Media to Drive More Foot Traffic, Part 2

Owning a brick-n-mortar store in today’s hyper online society can be touch, but with social media driving traffic into the store can be accomplished. Not many business owners know how to drive traffic from a mobile device or computer screen into their doors but with proper incentives and strategies this can be a constant flow…

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‘Up’ Your Freelance Game with These Helpful Tips

Perhaps you’re just starting out, or maybe you’ve been doing the whole -freelance- thing for quite some time. But as things evolve – people, technology, job opportunities etc. it’s important to stay up to date with trends and to find new and innovative ways in which to be the best you can be.  And luckily,…

in Healthy Freelancing

Sunday Thoughts: Freelancing 10.000 meters Above the Ground

It is interesting to watch how things change. One could hardly imagine that at the beginning of XXI century people will be able to work using small black bricks with a screen that has no keyboard. Just with a single finger you can turn your ideas into descent earnings. When you stop for a minute…

in Healthy Freelancing

The pain of a Costly Health Insurance Policy (Part 1)

For a  couple of days, I have been in my lowest form of health wise speaking. My major challenge, however, is that I cannot describe what hurts me. Okay before I start sounding like a broken record, let me put things into perspective. I had worked consistently for some while and I feared that I…

in Expand your Social Media Land

How Local Business Can Use Social Media to Drive More Foot Traffic, Part 1

I often get asked by the businesses I work with how they can use social media marketing to drive more foot traffic into their stores. This may seem like a hard task but actually if done correctly this can be a very effective way to drive people in the doors. Take a look at the…

in Freelance Insights

“I am an employee” or “I have a job”?

“I am an employee” is linked to being employed for someone. “I have a job” is to do something that you like. Betting on independence and work autonomy is a very popular idea at present. We are continually exposed to success stories of those who left formal jobs to realize their dreams. Creators of publicly…

in Smart Investment

Do you have problems setting your fees?

Being a freelancer has multiple benefits. Now, the complicated part arrives at the moment of establishing a value for the work to be done. What to take into account to fix the fees? Here are some tips that might help you. 1. Consult with other freelancers Networking with other people who work independently and in…

in Smart Investment

Finally: The First Foldable PC from Lenovo!

I told you so, didn’t I? I bet you remember my articles about foldable devices and that they are going to be a thing sooner or later. Ok, they are not technically a thing yet and, frankly speaking, Samsung’s Fold has too many issues and its release has been postponed. For now. But again –…

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Misleading Graphs In Advertising

Advertising in general, and I would say especially lately, with the rise of Social Media, is heavily sprinkled with this old trick. I see it popping out recently all over my news feed, and I can’t say I have never used it myself. It’s an effective, even if a little unethical, way to gather attention…

in Wanderlust

Easy & Delicious Snacks to Stay Healthy While Traveling this Summer

If you’re anything like me, a lack of daily routine means havoc on my way of eating. When I am on-the-go, I tend to reach for anything at odd times and in fact, I eat more ‘junk’ food when I am out of a routine. It’s just a heck of a lot easier to grab…


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