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in Wanderlust

4 Travel Accessories You Should Spend More On 

Who doesn’t like a good deal? When we’re browsing our favorite book store and see a novel we’ve had our eye on on sale, we basically jump for joy.  But there are some travel accessories that, spending a few extra bucks on, will actually save you money in the long run – and provide you…

in Expand your Social Media Land

Advertising Services on Facebook

As I mentioned in previous posts, I am launching a new Facebook page with a client and I have had some difficulties figuring out a good way to promote their services. They are a concierge service for nurses, aides, and companions that is just getting started. Because they are focused on human services, figuring out…

in Awesome Problems

When to Say No

Let’s just start by saying this: I had quite an interesting week. If you’ve applied for jobs online before, you probably know that some clients can be quite cryptic in their job descriptions. They share the bare minimum to invite freelancers to apply…and then you may get a surprise once you get the details of…

in Freelance Insights

What Platforms Should You Use?

So, this happened this week: my favorite freelance platform (except for this one of course) went from FREE service to PAID. Problem? Perhaps. This got me thinking once again about where I’m advertising my skills. A few weeks ago I wrote about the risks of only relying on Facebook…and now I realize I need to…

in Smart Investment

Do not you know how much to charge for your work? This can help you

Do you find it difficult to set a rate for your freelancer jobs? These tips can help you Organize your work hours.  How many hours will you dedicate to work each day? And your free time? Keep in mind how many hours you calculate for your projects. How many projects will be, if you will have…

in Awesome Problems

What I have learned from freelancing

Being a freelance is one of the most successful forms of work today and it is that working from the comfort (sometimes) of the home and at your own pace are two of the great incentives for many of those who venture to work as a freelance. Although, yes, not everything is perfect and if…

in Healthy Freelancing

Eating and Freelancing: Not The Best Idea Ever

Freelancing is a complicated thing. It seems to be easy at the first glance but has a number of hidden challenges that seem to be ok at first but, as a matter of fact, bring a lot of surprises months or years after. About one of these challenges I would like to talk today and…

in Freelance Insights

Why I Decided to Quit My Job and Become a Digital Nomad

Some people wake up in the morning, refreshed and ready to take on the day. They love the routine that their 9-5 brings them, and they’re happy to have job security, a steady income, and other benefits.  For others, all of these factors feel like a cage. They crave more random, spontaneous, creative and adventurous…

in Healthy Freelancing

There is an App for that!

Life is crazy. Freelancing is one end of life that ties back to the beginning. We have deadlines; we have specifications, needs, milestones and everything else. I realized that we have apps to make our lives easier, or for lack of a better word, make it manageable. Today, I would wish to list the many…

in Smart Investment

Hey Yolo’er. Create a Blog (Now)!

Given that this is the place for smart investments, there is no smarter investment that is tied together with your current profession as a freelancer than to start blogging. Why? A blog focused on your expertise and knowledge gives you the advantage of being a voice in the industry. Whether you’re thinking of turning your…


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