Strumica is so interesting city! Today I will represent my and show to the best part of my hometown and places to go.

If you love cities that are quiet and don’t have so much traffic, instead have great mountains, interesting nightlife and friendly surroundings, then you are looking into the right place for traveling.

Strumica is little town in the country of Republic of Macedonia called “The town under the king towers” which have a great history along with a lot of battles for the city. This beautiful city has three big and satisfying mountains called “Belasica, Elenica and Ograzden” which the best one is Belasica which can offer you the best view you can imagine.

The little town has many interesting places to visit which my favorite is “The Small Leak” which looks beautiful, so you can relax your minds and takes a walk alone, friend or with your dog, through the most beautiful park in the country, along with the nicest restaurant which will offer you wide offers from meat to salads and hometown specialties, the restaurant called “Cosmopolit”

The nightlife in Strumica is pretty on high level and the people who come here loves the music called turbo-folk and they are gathering many people to drink till until the morning. Also, we have few alternative clubs which one belongs to the motorcycle club “Potfat MC” and club is called “TNT” and this club is opened for any kind of people who loves the rock music and enjoy. And if you are a “Techno Lover” I recommend you the club called “Sub Club” where people are totally chill listening Techno where all the people dancing and everyone is kind.


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    I love seeing mountains and beaches, i think i can live in this place for good! ☺
    How long have you been living in this beautiful place @cenesr?